Blog Roll & Personal Learning Network

Highly Recommended Blogs

Hashtags I Follow

  • #MSLOC (MS in Learning and Organizational Change at Northwestern University)
  • #msloc430 (MSLOC Creating and Sharing Knowledge class taught by Jeff Merrell)
  • #MSLOCLiveWell (MSLOC Work. Life. Well-Being. group)
  • #cmgr (community manager / management)
  • #esnchat (enterprise social network chat)
  • #lrnchat (learning and social media chat)
  • #pln (personal learning network)
  • #km (knowledge management)

My Personal Learning Network

This list is by no means comprehensive as my PLN evolves over time and I only update this blog sporadically. If you don’t see your name on this list please don’t be offended — it isn’t an indication of anything other than my inability to capture my PLN. Am sharing this partial list in the hopes that people who happen across this page can learn from these fabulous people too.

What the heck is a PLN?



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