Technology won’t replace teachers…but

This is one of my favorite #edcmooc tweets since the start of the course!

@justintarte: Technology won’t replace teachers…but teachers who use tech will probably replace teachers who do not #edtech #edcmooc


3 thoughts on “Technology won’t replace teachers…but

  1. travelerglobal

    I am not sure about this.
    Here is a quote from Wiley and Edwards’s Online self-organizing social systems:
    The decentralized future of online learning —
    “How does an organization scale to provide individualized learning support to large
    numbers of students? The solution that is becoming increasingly popular replaces human
    teachers with intelligent, automated systems. These systems sequence instructional
    modules or “learning objects” (Wiley, 2002) for users in real time according to intelligent
    algorithms, and provide predefined or “intelligent” feedback based on assessments of
    learners”(OSOSS, pg.3).

    1. bwatwood

      I actually like both the original tweet and @travlerglobal’s response. I increasingly see digital literacy as necessary for instruction (and learning)…and good teachers are not going to be replaced. I would not think our five profs in #edcmooc are in danger of being replaced, but they have certainly used digital augmentation to reach an amazing number of people.

      1. Sorokti Post author

        Thanks for the comment. I have started following another MOOC called Educational Technology and Media Last week they kicked off the Digital Literacy topic and had Doug Belshaw host a synchronous virtual session. You might find some of this content interesting. You can find the recording of this session here:

        And here is his thesis (haven’t looked at it yet myself).
        Belshaw, D. (2011). What is “digital literacy”? Durham University. Retrieved from

        I also find Howard Rheingold’s book called Netsmart a great resource on this topic.

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