Digital Artifact Tools

The final assignment for the E-learning & Digital Cultures MOOC is to create a digital artifact. I’ve discovered so many new tools and just found this long list of tools that was shared in the course. I’ve put a ** by the tools that I’ve used. I would also add HaikuDeck to this list (

To see examples of digital artifacts see my Google Site: E-learning & Digital Cultures: Digital Artifacts

  1. Facebook Interaction Tracker-
  2. Timeline-
  3. Scoopit- (Laurie Niestrath)
  4. Tiki-Toki Timeline – (HB Hessler)
  5. Diigo – (Rick Bartlett) (Laaurie Niestrath) **
  6. Pinterest – (Ary Aranguiz) **
  7. Glogster –
  8. Youtube-
  9. Ustream –
  11. Mixbook –
  12. Storify- **
  13. New Hive –
  14. Slideshare- **
  15. WebDoc-
  16. BlogTalkRadio-
  17. Knovio –
  18. Google Hangouts – record your hangouts **
  19. Prezi - (Laurie Niestrath)
  20. Voicethread- (Ary Aranguiz) **
  21. Photostory- (Laurie Niestrath)
  22. Thinglink – (Kay Oddone) **
  23. Animoto –
  24. Piktochart –
  25. Wix – (Jono Purdy)
  26. Popplet – (Jono Purdy)
  27. Animaps – (Jono Purdy)
  28. Museum Box – (Jono Purdy)
  29. Sqworl – (Jono Purdy)
  30. Popcorn Maker – (Jono Purdy)
  31. Ipiccy – (Anne Robertson)
  32. Sketchguru – free android app (Anne Robertson)
  33. Picmonkey – (Marina Shemesh)
  34. Wordle – (create word clouds) (Marina Shemesh) **
  35. Adobe Captivate – (authoring tool) (Madhura Pradhan)
  36. Articulate Suite – (authoring tool) (Madhura Pradhan)
  37. Storybird – (Cristina Silva)
  38. ImageChef – (Cristina Silva)
  39. Dipity – (Cristina Silva)
  40. Livebinders (Eileen Lawlor)
  41. Videoscribe: (Angela Towndrow)
  42. PearlTrees: (Cathleen Nardi
  43. SlideRocket- (Annie Oosterwyk)
  44. Meograph- / (Annie Oosterwyk)
  45. Wallwisher: (Ora Baumgarten)
  46. Organize anything, together ! ( gianni buspo)
  47. Mahara (Linda Pospisilova)
  48. Jing (Kay Oddone) – Screen capture and screen casting tool – great for creating tutorials! **

Update on February 13, 2013

I just came across a great resource called: Creating Copyright-Safe Media

photo credit: karramarro via photopin cc

4 thoughts on “Digital Artifact Tools


    You know, just yesterday I was trying to find a tool to use for collecting my random ideas/brainstorms about education. I wanted it to be somewhat aesthetically pleasing and allow me to get a big-picture view of all of my ideas. I finally settled on a springpad notebook for the time being. But while I was searching for tools, I thought to myself, “I bet Keeley has a list of like 50 digital artifact tools in her head!” and I made a note to myself to ask you about it. And now here they are!!!

    1. Sorokti Post author

      I actually didn’t have a list like this until a few days ago. I can’t take credit. This comes from the #edcmooc Facebook group. Loving this experience and glad I could help!

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